Pioneer Swimming Club attends various swim meets in North Queensland throughout the year.  These carnivals can be a valuable experience for swimmers to meet other children and to participate in competitions other than club nights.


For the 2020/2021 season, swim meet formats have been standardized into the following three categories: Transition, Preparation and Development Meets.

Information on these new format meets can be found on the Swimming North Queensland website


All nominated Pioneer Swim Club competitors are expected to wear their Club Shirt and Club Swimming Cap at all competitive meets.

Club shirts and swim caps are available through our Uniforms Officer.

Please see Laura O'Brien at Thursday Club Nights or email


PLEASE NOTE: Parents/families are expected to time-keep at swim meets attended by Pioneer Swim Club. A timekeeping roster will be circulated on the day of the events.



2020/2021 Carnival Calendar



The 2020/2021 Season Carnival Calendar lists the carnivals Pioneer Swim Club members are encouraged to attend.




Nominations for Carnivals


All carnivals within the North Queensland region are Self-Nominating Online Entries only.


Carnival flyers will be emailed to members with details for nominating as they become available.

Swimmers are responsible for completing their own nominations after consultation with the PSC Head Coach.


If you require further information, contact the Carnival Race Recorder