About Us


The Pioneer Swim Club offers swimmers and families a friendly relaxed atmosphere where they can improve their lifestyle and benefit from being part of a great team.

  • To administer and encourage positive participation in the sport of swimming.
  • For each swimmer to reach their full potential according to their individual capabilities.
  • To encourage sportsmanship, team spirit, respect and responsibility.

Please refer to our Pioneer Swimming Club 2019/2020 Handbook for all information regarding Membership, Club Nights and Carnivals.



2019/2020 Executive Committee


President:  Mark McGrath  president@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Vice President:  Heath Forbes  vicepresident@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Secretary:  Nikki Bounden  secretary@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Treasurer:  Laura O'Brien  treasurer@pioneerswimclub.com.au


2019/2020 Office Bearers


Registrar:  Laura O'Brien  registrar@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Carnivals Race Recorder:  Sharon Parkes  carnivals@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Club Night Race Recorder:  Sharon Parkes  clubnights@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Uniforms Officer:  Laura O'Brien  uniforms@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Grants Officer:  Lee Parkes  grants@pioneerswimclub.com.au

Club House Officer:  Vacant

Fundraising Officer: Mark McGrath  president@pioneerswimclub.com.au